Shakespearean Language

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Shakespearean Language

Iambic pentameter and Black verse videos

By: Pepe Munoz, Nanis Campuzano and Caro villareal

Iambic meterThis type of peotry stragety is the use of one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllableBlank verseThis type of poetry is wrriten in unrhymediambic pentameterswhich are 5 iambic meter units put together

Shakespearean Language

Couplets Couplets are two consecutive lines of poetry that rymes. Shakespear normally didnt use couplets that often but used them alot in exiting scenes

Examples Good night, good night! parting is such a sweet sorrowThat i shall say good night till it be morrow

Reading lines In poetry each line line is either end-stopped line or run-on line and the only difference is that in end-stopped lines there is a punctuation at the end of the line mostly finishing the idea and in run-un lines there in no punctuation and the idea keeps going on the next slide

Archaic WordsThe fact that Shakespeare wrote his play 400 years ago there are some words that are not used night now also considering Shakespeare created some of themExamples:'a: hea': onan' or and: ifgo-den: good evening hap: luckhappy: lucky humor: mood jack: common fellow, ordinary guymaid: unmarried girlmark: listen tonice: folishowes: ownswithal: withwot: know

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