Shakespeare Plays (Assignment), Literature

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Shakespeare Plays (Assignment), Literature

Plays to Choose from: -"As You Like It"-"A Midsummer Nights Dream"-"The Merchant Of Venice"-"The Tempest"-"Hamlet"-"Macbeth"Once you have chosen your play, please create a Glog according to the guidelines given in class:1. Glog MUST include parts of the actual play2. Use at least 2 forms of multimedia (sound/video/image/data)3. Utilize at least 8 relevant graphics on the page4. CITE your sources according to MLA format as a Data attachment


Creat Glog About:Your favorite William Shakespeare play from class

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1)Choose your favorite play from those we've analyzed/read in class.2) Create your Glog according to the guidelines we've gone over in class (reglog not allowed)3) Send rough draft to me for comments before saving as "finished."


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