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Shakespeare Glog

Directions:1) Create your very own sonnet2) Sonnets are written in iambic pentameter (which is a rhythmic form using ten syllables within the fourteen lines)3) Your sonnet should have a total of 14 lines and should copy Shakespeare's form4) Lines should alternate in rhyme For example: My love for you is like an addiction, If I do not have you in my system; Then I would not be able to function, I sometimes feel like I am the victim;5) Remember to describe a metaphor within your sonnet. This specfic sonnet is talking about coffee but in reality it is describing someone's feeling about a certain love.6)Lastly, have fun & be creative!

William ShakespeareKayla Brennan

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Follow this link if you need help:

Watch the "How to Write a Sonnet Video"

"How to write a Shakespearean Sonnet"

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