Shakespeare's Globe

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Shakespeare's Globe

Here is the theature at the globe where you can come to watch one magnificent traditonal performance per season

The best performances since 1599

These are some of the magnificent outside views of Shakespears Globe. In these pictures you can see the globe up close and the gates entering the globe and a view from the Southark bridge. You also can see the walkway from Thames wich makes it very easy to enter the globes from London.

Shakespears Globe is where all of his plays are portrayed into magnificent performances. Here you can come and watch all of Shakespears plays and even see how it used to be for some of the women parts are still played by boys. The globe can seat 1,500 people.

Shakespears Globe Theature

The gate is built from Shakespear symbols the gates were built in 1997, they all remained closed and locked unless you are the Queen and get to enter from there.

The theature has paintings above that are known as the heavens


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