Shadow of the Dragon, Book #1: Kira

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Shadow of the Dragon, Book #1: Kira

Book Plot

The Main Character and Protagonaist is a twelve year old girl named Kira.The Main Antagonist is a man named Lord Dorcon who is second-in-command to King Arden.The Secondary Characters are:Elspeth (Kira's seven year old sister)Onnie (a fox that developed a special relationship with Elspeth)Jinx (Kira and Elspeth’s pet dragon that they found as a baby)The Rouge (a ferocious two tailed dragon that lived in a mountain)Paradon (a wizard who took Kira and Elspeth under his wing)Dane (Kira's older brother)Kahrin (Kira's nine year old sister)Blue (the Rouge's mate)Shanks (Dane's best friend)King Arden (The king over the kingdom Kira lived in)Instructor (a castle instructor who helped Dane escape from prison)Kira's DadKira's Mom



The theme of the story is:When something is wrong, or you are being treated unfairly, you need to stand up and fight for your rights. Even if it is not an easy task, it must be done if things are to get better. Kira had to run away from her home and leave behind her family in order to survive. She had to break laws to start a movement. She barely escaped death on multiple occasions. Finally, she has to kill Lord Dorcon and King Arden to end their reign of terror and grief.

Book Report

Shadow of the DragonBook #1: Kira

By: Kate O'Hearn

Book Cover


This book's setting is a stereotypical, middle ages kingdom. The setting follows Kira, so it next goes to a mountain. Then, it moves to a castle. Lastly, the setting ends in a magical door.

Glog By: Ryan G

Conflict:King Arden starts a war, and Lord Dorcon follows Kira and Elspeth in the hope of killing them.Rising Action:Lord Dorcon burns Kira's house to the ground and takes her family hostage at the order of King Arden. Kira and her seven year old sister Elspeth escape and become fugitives wanted by the king. It's around this time that they meet Onnie.Kira, Elspeth and Onnie flee to the Rouge's mountain. They are pursued by Lord Dorcon. At the mountain they find Jinx, almost dead. They nourish him back to health and decide to keep him as their own. They flee the mountain and meet Paradon.Kira storms Lasser Commons, (a high security prison) with the help of Elspeth, Onnie and Jinx. Paradon assists from afar at his castle. They kill all the knights holding the girls hostage, and free all the girls. That is when Kira finds her younger sister Kahrin alive and are reunited.Climax:As Kira, Elspeth, Onnie, Jinx and Kahrin are leaving Lasser Commons, a fallen knight stabs Kira in the back. He is immediately killed by Jinx. Kira blacks out and is carried back to Paradon's castle in Jinx's mouth.Falling Action:Kira slowly starts to recover. Paradon tells her that Lord Dorcon in leading a legion of men and dragon knights toward his castle. Kira is reunited with her brother Dane, and meets his best friend Shanks. Kira, Elspeth, Paradon, Kahrin, Dane and Shanks all prepare for Lord Dorcon’s arrival. They come up with a plan to ensure that Lord Dorcon will stop following them permanently.Resolution:You'll have to read the book to find out!


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