Seychelles Islands

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Seychelles Islands

Trips-One charm of these islands are the enormous number of different aquatic species so one of their touristic atracttion is diving.-Praslin is another essential place to visit, you can arrive by boat and this island has an oyster's breeding centre that produces black pearls. -La Digue: Anse Source d'argent is considered the most beautiful beach of the world. You can cross this island with a bike in freedom.You can see the vanilla's platation too.-Silhouette:it's a perfect example of rainforest and according to the legend the pirated buried his treasures in this island -Alphonse: it is considered a paradise where you can diving-Atolón Aldabra: this place is chosen by the giant land tortoises and it has one of the largest coral reef in the worldYou have to visit this places during the day to take advantage of the day.PRICESIf you want to go to a luxury hotel with trips the price round 8.000€ per person a week.But if you want to go to a cheap inn the price rounds 1795 € per person.This prices includes the plane from Madrid to Seychelles island

the trip of my dreams

Some pisctures



-The typical dish is a spicy stew with curry and fruit and it's nicknamed the hellfire-Another dish is the delicious squid or octopus with coconut milk- The most consumed dessert are mango and papaya juice.


La digue, seychelles islands




Their languages are french, english and seychelles creole

seychelles rupee


Republic of Seychelles

its a tropical climate with 25ºc all the year.


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