Sexual Reproduction in Plants with Seeds

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Sexual Reproduction in Plants with Seeds

Sexual reproductions in plants with seeds

Anemogamous:Pollen grains are transported by the wind these plants do not have attractive flowers and they produce a lot of pollen beacouse only a little reaches the flowers inthe wind

Parts of plant


-Calyx: Is the outher whorl (circular arrengerment)it's made up of small green leaves called sepals that protect the internal organs.

-Corolla: Is the next whorl made of coloured leaves called petals, with atract animals into polination.

-Androecium: Is the male reproductive organ, it consists of the stamens. A stamen has a filament and wider part called anther where pollen grains develop . Male gametes form inside the pollen grains.

-Ginoecium or pisti: Is the female reproductive organ.It is bottle shaped and has three parts: the ovary, the style and the tip called stigma. The female gamete is produced in the ovary.

Enfomogamous:pollen grains are transported from flower to flower by insects.plants with this type of pollination have attractive flowers and produce sweet substances (nectar) to attract insects .they do not need to produce much pollen.


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