Sex Selection

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Sex Selection

Sex Selection

What is it?





- Two methods: PDG: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (test of chromosomes of an embryo) or IVF: In Vitro Fertilization- 80-90% accuracy - Cost: up to $40,000

A genetic process in which one attemps to control the sex of their baby of which they desired through different methods and steps. This includes the process of accurately sperating the sperm to allow the majority of the sperm able to produce the chosen gender.

- PDG can prevent gender based diseases- Acceptable by society if it is for 'medical' reasons. - Balanced family (e.g. 1 girl& 1 boy), ethically questionable.- Money for superficial desires- Unethical practice is already just the purchase of expensive products for a personal satisfaction.- Gender selection is marketed as a product which is very unethical.- loses its natural essence therefore creating difficulties in the evolution of the human species.

Several steps: 1- Doctor extracts eggs from the mother and the father supplies sperm.2- father's sperm to fertilize the eggs in a lab.3- After only 3 days multiple (8-cell) embryos will have already developed.4- Embryo examined by a doctor, screened by a specialist for any genetic diseases and desired gender.5- Healthy embryos with desired gender are implanted in the mother who will carry the baby.6- Extra selected embryos can be cyro-frozen for usage in the future.7- Finally, birth takes place as a normal pregnancy.


Pros:- control fo family size: allows couples to have a specific numbr of boys and girls without the "try-again". For example: most family want 2 children; 1 boy and 11 girl- couple preferences/balancing/pwoer to choose- extra time to prepare for the baby's arrival: if the gender is known ahead of time, there is more time to get everything ready.- Economical planning: if they want to save money they may want to have all same gender children.Cons:- takes away the natural part of having a child. (major ethical issue): interferes with nature- high cost: as much as 40,000$- no guarantees: leading to disapointment- disapprovement from family and friends- no suprise element, no excitement- may cause regret in the future, maybe they would have chosen differently or simply would have left nature do its job. A child concieved naturally has no regrets.

Pros and Cons


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