Seville, Spain

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Seville, Spain

This video is about the attractions in Seville. Some attractions are the Seville Cathedral, Alcázar of Seville, Real Maestranza, and Plaza de España

Nice Hotels - Becquer Hotel - Las Casas de La Juderia - Vinnci La Rabida - Hotel Doña Maria

Seville, Spain

This is Morcilla with Quail Egg.

This is Squid Ink Spaguetti with Scallops.

The Metropol Parasol is the world's largest wooden structure!

Flamenco dancing is a tradition in Spain. It started as a tradition in the late 18th century.

These are people flamenco dancing!

EntertainmentWatch Flamenco DancingWatch a Bull FightGo on tours of the city

Here is where Seville is in Spain!

Here is a picture of the Becquer Hotel!

This is the Seville Cathedral!

By: Samantha Willkomm

Seville is a great place to visit with friends and family! It is a safe place and isn't too crowded. They have many attractions that will blow you away!


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