[2015] Lauryn Freeborn: Seventh Grade

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[2015] Lauryn Freeborn: Seventh Grade


The main characters are Victor, Michael, Teresa, and Mr. Bueller. -Victor tries to impress people, especially Teresa. He is a planner because he planned to be in French class hoping to be in the same class as Teresa. -Michael is the type of person who cares what people think of him. During the summer break he practiced scowling, hoping to impress girls.-Teresa, she is easily impressed. From what I read she seems nice by saying hi to anyone.-Mr. Bueller is an understanding person the way he played along with Victor “knowing how to speak French”

The plot in the story is that Victor went to French class because one day he wants to travel to France, he already knows how to speak in Spanish and English and to be in the same class as Teresa because Victor likes her. Luckily, they’re both in the same class. So, Victor tries to impress Teresa, but everytime he does he gets embarrassed and or get nervous. During French, Mr. Bueller asked if anyone knew how to speak French and Victor raised his hand. Which led to Mr. Bueller asking Victor a question in French. Victor did not understand him so he made up words that seemed like he knew how to speak French. Mr. Bueller figured out what Victor was doing so Mr. Buller played along. Which led to Victor tutoring Teresa, French.


Seventh Grade

The mood of the story is happy, embarrassed, romantic, and sympathetic. In the story I felt secondhand embarrassed by how Victor was trying to impress Teresa, the way he tried to scowl and said “Yeah, that’s me.” I also felt that the mood was romantic because Victor was taking a chance by taking a French class hoping Teresa would be there too. The mood was happy because Mr. Bueller played along with Victor. I also felt sympathetic because after the story Victor is tutoring Teresa and he doesn’t how to speak that language, so he has to teach himself a language and he has to act like he knows what he’s talking about when he tutors Teresa.

Main conflict in Seventh Grade is how Victor is struggling to impress Teresa.

Main Conflict

Main Characters

Point of View

The point of view the story is written is in third person’s point of view. The author did it that way so the readers know how each character feel or what they’re thinking.

The theme of the story is don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or don’t lie because you’ll be in a deeper hole.


Same- In the Seventh Grade, Victor is letting fate choose if he and Teresa will be in the same French class. The Lady or the Tiger the courtier is letting fate see if he picked the right door. Victor and the courtier both like a girl. Difference- The Seventh Grade, it takes place in a middle school and The Lady or the Tiger the settings is in a kingdom and an arena. In The Lady or the Tiger the princess’s dad is stopping their love and in the Seventh Grade the only thing stopping Victor to be with Teresa is himself. Victor doesn’t know what to say or do when Teresa is near him, so he acts foolish and nervous near her.

Compare and Contrast

V+ T


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