[2015] Avery Teele: Seventh Grade

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[2015] Avery Teele: Seventh Grade


Plot - The plot is based around how Victor tries to impress Teresa by pretending to speak French. It also is how he hopes she’ll be his girl this year.Main Conflict - The main conflict is about how Victor is going to get Teresa as his girl this year and how he is going to achieve that goal.

Victor - Victor is the main character and is in love with Teresa, a girl in his homeroom and French class. He has liked Teresa ‘since they were in catechism classes at Saint Theresa’s’ together. Victor isn’t very good at math and His best friend’s name is Micheal.

By: Gary SotoAvery Teele, Unit 1

Main Characters

Plot and Main Conflict

Mood - The mood of this story is pity and happiness because when he pretends he speaks French, the author makes it seem as if he had made a big fool of himself in front of Teresa. However, you feel happy for Victor when, after class, Teresa comes up to him and asks him to help her learn French.Theme - The theme of Seventh Grade is determination and love because Victor is determined to impress Teresa and that she will be his girl this year. I say love because Victor really likes Teresa and will basically do anything for her.

Mood and Theme

The point of view in this story is third person limited because the story is mainly about Victor and how he feels and his thoughts. It is also this point of view because as you are reading the story, you only ever know Victor’s thoughts and I is never said unless he is speaking about himself.

Point of View


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