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Seussical the Musical

In the video clip above, this cast group is doing the finale number,''Green Eggs and Ham'', from Seussical the Musical. This particular song is directly based from Dr. Seuss's famous book, Green Eggs and Ham!

The Sour Kangaroo's song, "Biggest Blame Fool"

Seussical The Musial

Creators: Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty

Here's Horton searching for the clover!

DID YOU KNOW...?Seussical went on Broadway in 2000!

There were 19 Dr. Seuss stories referenced and incorporated into Seussical the Musical!

Check It Out!

What Is Seussical?Seussical the Musical is a spectacular musical based from the briliant works of Dr. Seuss. The musical is a twist on one of his most famous books, Horton Here's a Who. In the musical, JoJo, the mayor of Whoville's only son, uses his imagination to take himself into a world of crazy adventures, with The Cat In the Hat as his guide. In this world Horton the Elephant discovers a clover full of Whos, includng JoJo, who desperately need his protection. He also becomes responsible for the egg of the fabulous, yet irresponsible, Mayzie La Bird. Throughout the story, he is persued by the jungle citizens and, The Sour Kangaroo, for talking to a the dust speck and believing in what they know to be nonsence while Gertrude McFuzz persues him for his love. In the adventure Horton faces all sorts of crazy obsticles but learns how to be a great friend and that, "A Person's a Person, No Matter How Small." Not to mention that there's an intanglement of other characters and elements from other familar stories of his that help to create the wacky, exciting, and wonderful world of Seuss!

Just like Dr. Seuss's books, Seussical the Musical is COMPLETElY in rhyme!

Some cast members from Seussical!

Gertrude McFuzz sings, "Notice Me Horton"

Here is the opening number, "Oh The Things You Can Think."

*Suessical isn't just a fun and exciting musical. It teaches all ages many of the values Dr. Seuss relayed in his books!


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