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Social Studies

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The main activities of a settlement is the function of a settlement.The economic and social development for peole to sustain their livehood causes the function of a settlement.Rural settlements usually have one function while urban settlements usually have more than a function.The function of a settlement may change over time

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A place where people live is called a settlement.When people live together,it form a settlement

Nucleated settlements are clusters of buildings at a point.The point could be a road,peak of a highland,confluence of rivers,market place or a religion centerThe development of a settlement is restricted by the highland.By building houses in groups,the sharing of resources will be easier

Disersed settlement is an area where the building is far apart.In remote and sarsely populated area,dispersed settlements are found.If the land is steep,the buildings are far apart as it is hard to build it .When an area has less resources availble,a limited amount of people can live there in order for there to be enough resources.If the area has fertile soil,the farmers must spread out as they need enough space for them to grow crops

Settlement are described based on their patterns.The settlement pattern refer to the settlement's shape that is caused due to the environment

Linear settlement is when the buildings are in lines.It is usually at places with river,road and railway tracks.The settlement follow the line of the river/road/railway tracksThe river/road/railway track help have a good network of communication which could help people have a good transport



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