Settlement Timeline

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Settlement Timeline

These biscuits are as hard as rocks.

The Pilgrims had religous freedom in Holland but were not able to find well paying jobs. They also worried their children were losing their English ways. In 1619, they obatained a land patent from the Virginia Company to set up a colony. They decided to go to the New World.

The Pilgrims made rules for the new colony. The rules were called the Mayflower Compact.


Sept. 6, 1620



Nov. 9, 1620

Nov. 11, 1620

Dec. 1620

The Pilgrims and the Wampanoags celebrate the First Thanksgiving.

These biscuits, called hardtack, were a common food aboard the Mayflower.

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The Mayflower leaves England for Virginia. with 102 passengers.

After 12 years, the separatists leave Holland.


The ship lands in Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Nov. 1621

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The Pilgrims set up homes and planted gardens in Plimouth, Massachusetts.

Only 51 Pligrims survived the first winter.


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