SETIS 2015

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Computer Science

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SETIS 2015

Teaching Strategies:Est. Prior KnowledgeStep by Step approachreinforce with concrete examplesuse appropriate wait timegive positives before negativesrelate learning to real lifeprovide model of end productlimit concepts presented at one time

My Toolbox:Teaching Channel, Geobra, Wabbitemu app, Sketch to Graph, Kahoot, Plickers, Sketchup,Socrative, Microsoft Math, PhotoMath, Aurasma, GoogleEarth, CarnegieLerning,com, diigo, Desmos graphing calculator, freeplaymusic

Teachers who complete the required 320 hours of PD will be eligible to receive an advanced credential as a Technology Integration Specialist.

A SETIS is a Special Education Technology Integration Specialist.

What does a SETIS do? A SETIS learns tools to make the general education curriculum accessible to all students and strategies to increase student engagement with the use of technology!. These tools and strategies are shared with other teachers in our school.

What is a SETIS?

Training includes 320 hours of PD.We are required to attend conferences, complete online courses, attend a workshop, participate in online collaborative sessions, and complete elective opportunites such as co-teaching strategies and instructional technology intergration.


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