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Seth Warner

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Growing Up

Born- May 17, 1743 Died- December 26, 1784 Capture of Fort Ti.-(June 23, 1775) Invasion of Canada-(1775-1776) Battle of Hubbardton-(July 7, 1777) Battle of Bennington-(August 16, 1777)

4th of 10 to be born. Served 2 summers in the French and Indian War. Was in common school education. Worked land in the New Hampshire Grants. Moved to Roxbury. Settled full time in the Grants in 1765. As a young man, he was known for being a very good hunter in his town.

Lasting Impact

Seth Warner helped gain the independence of the United States of America, with the help of the Green Mountain Boys.

Seth Warner



Seth Warners Story

He was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys. Leader along with Ethan and Ira Allen. Led many battles for the Green Mountain Boys. Helped the siege of Fort Ticonderoga. Also helped the siege of Fort Crown Point. Had 5 years of service. (1775-1780) He was brave enough to lead soldiers in at least 3 wars. He served 2 summers in the French and Indian War. He was captain of many soldiers with different leaders. Fought in many different battles to help the Americans.

Other Facts


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