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Set Designer

EducationHighschool Cources:-Creative arts-Computers/Technology-Visual arts-Drafting and design A bachelors degree in theater design and production, fine arts, drama or interior design. However, expreience is most important.

Salary$35, 000-57, 000 varying from level of expreience, location, and production.

Characteristics-Creativity-Collaboration-Problem solving skills- Knowlage of design softwear - Accurate sketches and constructing set models-Detail oriented-Good comunication skills

Set Designer Set designers design the physical surrondings of the stage to bring the production to life.

Catholic Virtues-Responsibility: They are in charge of the budget of props; and the making of the set. -Hope: When something goes wrong, they need to trust in God and have a postive attiude.-Justice: Treating the people in your work place with respect even in frustration.



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