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Service Project

"Stay true to yourself because there are very few people who will always be true to you... <3" -Madison

Steering Wheel Knob

Gas and Break

Gear Shift

EDSP 3550ServiceProject ReflectionMadisonKelleck

For my service project, I decided to help out a dear friend from my home town named Madison Goske. She is a sassy 22 year old who is attending YSU to become a social worker. Madison was born with dwarfism, however it has never stopped her from doing anything she puts her mind to, including dance. I met Madison and her twin sister, who is typically developing, through dancing with them at Jamie's Dance Force. The picture to the right is a picture of Madsion and I her last year of dancing.

It is hard for Madison to drive long distances and she desired to go shopping for Christmas in Pittsburgh, over an hour outside of our hometown. Therefore, I drove Madison to go shopping as well as carried her bags, which is difficult for her to perform as well. All in all, we spent 10 hours within a two day period christmas shopping for her friends, family, and coworkers.

During the second day of Christmas shopping, Madison drove us to our hometown mall for some errands with her car, showing me the assistive technology, worth over $2,000, she uses to drive:1. Steering Wheel Knob: Madison uses this knob attached to her steering wheel with her right hand to steer the car. She has small hands and limited mobility in her hands. This knob allows her to drive safely without the worry of gripping the large wheel.2. Gear Shift: This gear shift system is a simple four button system including buttons to shift the car to Park, Neutral, Drive, and Reverse. This system allows Madison to bypass using the typical gear shift in which she was not able to safely grasp.3. Gas and Break: This device is used by Madison's left hand. The handle is cranked to varying degrees for gas and pushed forward to use the break. This is used because Madison's feet are unable to safely reach the peddles of her car.Overall, this assistive technology allows Madison to have the freedom of driving, which most people take for granted. The amount of money spent on the technology, extra driving training hours, and special driving school fees was well worth it for Madison. She is able to live more independently, driving herself to work and school without the reliance on her parents and twin sister she used to have when she didn't have the technology to drive. I have been friends with Madison for many years, however I never fully realized how much she depends on this technology and how it has its limitations of greatly tiring the driver during long distances. It was interesting to explore and I am happy I was able to help make her holiday season a bit easier.


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