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The flag

Very mountainous


Climate:In the north it is mostly continental climate; cold winters, and hot humid summers with distributed rainfall. In central Serbia it is also mostly continental and Medditerean. In the south of Serbia it is Adriatic along the coast, hot, dry summers and autumns and a relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall.Average Weather:highest; 110 degrees Fahrenheit Precipitation; 680 mm(27 in)

Culture:Food; the most popular food is Pljeskavicla(hamburger), Sarma(cabbage filled with minced meat), also Cevspcici(grilled minced meat)Clothes: the traditional dress is worn by the artists on cultural festivals or by the folk performers on the celebration of the national importance. For the boys it included a long tunic shirts, trousers, skirts, sleeveless coats called jeleks, waist coats, juban or zuban, socks, and belts. The Serbian girls also wore collars, or a string of gold coins around their throats, earrings, bracelets, and their caps were decorated with metal coins or flowers. The Serbian women used the tunic shirts embellished with silver threads and cords and they wore the decorated woolen socks till the knees. Apart from oglavja, some Serbian women also used the scarves and traditional caps as their headdresses.Traditions; Their christmas is held at the Serbian Orthodox Church.


Did You Know?Did you know they celebrate Christmas on January 7th instead of December 25th?As many as 16 roman emperors were born in Serbia?

Population: 7.2 millionCapital: BelgradeGovernment: Parliamentary Republic

Government;Parlimentary Republic

Economy:The growth of Serbia trade has been slow as a result of high tariffs and import restrictions. The cost of trade in Serbia is also magnified due to non-transparent regulations and wide-spread corruption in Serbia economy. Exports in Serbia increased to 1179 USD Million in March of 2015 from 1037.20 USD Million in February of 2015. Exports in Serbia averaged 692.62 USD Million from 2001 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 1439 USD Million in September of 2013 and a record low of 116 USD Million in January of 2002. Exports in Serbia is reported by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia. Novac. This means "money" in Serbian, and Serbs have a special relation with it.


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