Serbia and Montenegro

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Social Studies

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Serbia and Montenegro

In family life the dad is the leader. In rural families theres more kids for more jobs. In urban families grand parents care for children when parents are at work.

Serbia And Montenegro


The major religion of theres is Serbian Orthodox Christians. The population of these 2 are around 10.65million and grows about .07 per year.

In relationship lives the dating life is going out to a cafe or other places and only caring for that one person. Marriage life is were the put the grooms parents in debt from partying and the brides parents have the house furniture.

The Recreation is soccer is the major sport, then television, proceeding to boating. Sports really puts stress on the students. Serbia gets 91 seats in parliement and montenegro gets 35 seats.They elect a president for 4 years just like us.

Some of there customs and traditions are when they talk they do not use there hands in a form to talk. They will always visit eachother and stay for a long time to have coffee and a cigarette with them.

They have different eating times than what we do...our breakfast time 8 to there time 10....our lunch 12 to there main meal at 4.. and our dinner at 6 to there snack time at 8.

The relative location is South of Vojvodina andNorthwest of Kosovo.

There holidays are orthodox xmas(Jan 7), New Years(Jan 14), International New Years(Jan 1), and Lovers day (March 8)

There education is quite different then ours they start schooling for free at age 7 and have to take 8 years ..its mandatory.. For them middle school is optinal (which is our highschool) its grades 9-12. Then you can move on to be a highschooler (our college) which is grades above 12.


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