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SeraphinaBy: Rachel HartmanGlog by: Savannah Mueller

In the kingdom of Goredd, humans and dragons attempt to honor their treaty to coexist peacefully, but prejudices and mistrust between the species prevent unity. Dragons can change shape and walk amongst humans and tensions become overwhelmingly high as the anniversary of the treaty nears. When a member of the human royal family, Prince Rufus, is murdered in a dragon-like fashion, chaos and riots erupt in Goredd. Seraphina, the young music mistress, lives amongst the disorder hiding her half-dragon heritage. When she discovers a plot against the Ardmagar of the dragons, she decides she must investigate. She consults her dragon teacher, Orma, who knows of her secret, and he warns her not to delve to deeply into the matter. However, her curious nature compells her and with the help of Kiggs, she unlocks secrets of her family's dishonorable past and gets she and Orma into trouble with both the human and dragon courts. Through her plight, Seraphina realizes that only someone of both worlds, dragon and human, can unite the two peoples. She makes it her mission to find others like her and bring peace to the Southlands, even if it means exposing herself to her friends, colleagues, and the kingdom.




Seraphina is set in the kingdom of Goredd, one of the many kingdoms in the Southlands. The other kingdoms include Tanamoot, Ninys, Samsam, and Porphyry. The time is one of violence and fear as the people are on the verge of war.

I recommend this book for teens who enjoy fantasy and adventure. Seraphina has action, mystery, humor, and romance, all of which make it an interesting read. Teens will be drawn into the world of the Southlands that Rachel Hartman creates as well as her unique characters and creatures. On a more intimate level, the account of Seraphina's struggle to attain self-acceptance is something that all teens can relate to.



The Evolution of Dragons: Inspiration for Seraphina

Seraphina Dombegh, sixteen year old girl born to a human father and a dragon mother. She is musically talented, smart, witty, and hides herself from the world because of her heritage. Lucian Kiggs is a prince of Goredd and captain of the royal guard. He is an adept investigator and values scholarship. Orma is Seraphina's dragon teacher as well as her uncle. He is aloof and scholarly, but occasionally shows emotion for Seraphina, which gets him into trouble with the dragon legislature. Princess Glisselda is Lucian's cousin and fiance and a student of Seraphina's. Glisselda is mischevious and playful, but can be serious when the times call for it.

A major theme in Seraphina is accepting yourself despite whatever prejudice lies against you. Seraphina hides herself from the world, in fear of being ridiculed for what she is or bringing hardship to her family if exposed. She lives a dangerous and secluded life, prevented from living a normal life due the illegitimacy of her kind. However, when she accidentally brings herself into the spotlight, she begins to realize that she can do something. When she finally reveals who she truly is, she finds that she is important and can do something to benefit a greater good. She sees that she is not alone and that everyone is beautiful, despite what others may think.



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