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PlotThe plot revolves around Seraphina, as a young girl who works as a music apprentice and music mistress in the castle is secretely half dragon and half human. This is a source of great controversy and discomfort for her because humans and dragons in and around the city of Goredd once waged war against each other and even now that dragons take human form and work side by side with humans in the kingdom, there is a great mistrust of them. When a prince is murdered in a way that seems to be very dragon-like shortly before the treaty renewing peace between dragons and humans is signed, Seraphina is torn between her two worlds as she not only tries to find the culprit, but learn more about and accept herself.

CharactersThe main character in this book is Seraphina, a musician who is half dragon and half human.Seraphina has an uncle and teacher named Orma, who is a dragon.Seraphina teaches harpsicord to the princess Glisselda.Prince Lucian is engaged to Glisselda and the two are the closest things that Seraphina has to friends.


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“Sometimes the truth has difficulty breaching the city walls of our beliefs. A lie, dressed in the correct livery, passes through more easily.”“That’s the secret to performance: conviction. The right note played tentatively still misses its mark, but play boldly and no one will question you. If one believes there is truth in art – and I do – then it’s troubling how similar the skill of performing is to lying. Maybe lying is itself a kind of art. I think about that more than I should.”“I was drawn to his aloofness, the way cats gravitate toward people who’d rather avoid them.”

I absolutely loved this book! The beginning was a little slow while we were introduced to the kingdom of Goredd and it's history with dragons, you use that information throughout the rest of the book. From the characters to the plot to the parts of the book centered around music to the interesting concept of dragons, there was very little not to love about it. There is something in it for everyone, from witty quotes to relatable characters with their own flaws to thoughts about religion and philosophpy. This book can be read by middle schoolers and they will enjoy it, but it also has a lot in it that adults can enjoy. So, if you love fantasy, dragons, music, complex characters, or are even just looking for something fun to read, you should definitely try this book.

By: Rachel Hartman

ThemeThere are many themes throughout this book and I do not wish to give away the ending, but some of them include: Learning to love oneself and accepting your flaws, that you cannot judge an entire race or civilization based on what their ancestors have done, and that love can be one of the most powerful weapons of all.



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