September Eleventh

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September Eleventh

The attack left 3000 death and many injured. 343 fire fighters also lost there lifes. Though after the attack Americas pride, security and hope was gone. Many lost faith in the government and many acused the government. It is hard to see but ther is a silver lining. the department of homeland security has made the USA the most protected country. Also airport security was strangethened to the poimt where a breach is impossible. After the dust settled the USA had a deep nationalism. not only New Yorkers but everbody had to emotionally comeback. ground zero is now an landmark and a memorial for the victoms

The Attack


America stroke back with the war in Afganistan and later killing Osama bin Ladin


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9/11September Eleventh


Post 9/11 speach

On september 11th 2001, unexpectedly two planes crashed into the world trade center in New York. The attacks were put on by al qaeda. 3000 people died either in planes, on the ground or in the buildings. The purpose of the attack was to stike fear in Americans. along with the world trade center part of the Pentagon was attacked but was some what unsuccesful. another plane also went down and the target was un known

9/11 was the most important event that ever happenned in american hisrty because through the terror of the act it made everyone more aware of the importance of airport security. Also not only airplain safety was reflected on. people relized how vonerable they were to attack so things like the NSA and the homeland securty make our lives safer and secure our freedom.



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