September 12, 2011

by mrsbrockhoff
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September 12, 2011

September 12th, 2011

Letters and words for the week...We will be going over the letters Aa, Bb, Ll, Mm, Ss, and Tt this week.Our weekly words this week are:I a am can see we

Math this week...This week we are going to be going over the numbers 0-5. (and number words zero and one). We are also going to be constructing graphs and reviewing basic shapes.

Science and Social Studies this week...We are going to review mixing primary colors this week. We are also going to begin learning about our 5 senses. The past few weeks we have gotten to know each other and worked on our names. This week we are going to talk about our families and home. I will also be showing the children how to find our school and homes on Google Maps and Earth. Please look for a family info sheet in your child's folder. It will be due on Friday.

What's going on this week?Monday-Friday. . . Book FairFriday. . . Family sheet due

Please fill out the volunteer sheet!

We really love baby wipes! They help us stay clean! Please send if you can!!

With cold/flu season approaching we are really trying to fight germs. Please send clorox wipes if you can!

We are having a cooking activity this Friday. Please let me know if you can send in gram crackers, vanilla frosting, or rice krispie treats (triangles).

We are going to begin our monthly author study with Kevin Henkes. Click here for my Kevin Henkes glog.


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