September 11 attack of 2001

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September 11 attack of 2001

Amazing Grace Tribute of 9/11 :(

Semptember 11 attack of 2001. Or better known as 9/11 was the biggest turning point of USA history since world war 2. These were coordinted attacks by Al-Qaeda hijackers on a suicide mission. Their goal was to crash on the World Trade Center in New York City. As well as the USA Pentagon building and Capitol building or the White house in D.C which failed the foruth attack. The foruth attack failed at their mission. About 3000 victims were killed in attacks.

We the USA will never forget! This is why the USA fight a war on Terror. To the victims of that certain day. That chage the whole nation. As well as the world. (9/11)


  • Williamw3 10 years ago

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  • justinasaramarie 10 years ago

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    Hey I love your glog dude:)Hope you will hit me up lol

  • Stalin1 10 years ago

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    THANK YOU MY FANS. See my other glogs too people. Such as mw3 and rio.

  • CJG14 10 years ago

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  • claremont4a 10 years ago

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    Nice Glog Stalin1 I will never forget September 11, 2001 and I feel sad from the people who died :(

  • pinkcupcake12341 10 years ago

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    i think this Glog will touvh a lot to peoples heartds like it did mine my gpa died in 9/11 it was th esaddest day of my life her was only 66 and as good in health as it could be well thanks, bye bye :)

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