[2014] Kaitlyn Kneidinger: September 11, 2001

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[2014] Kaitlyn Kneidinger: September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

The Airplanes, Their Destinations, and the Hijackers. On 9/11 there were four different airliners hijacked in the U.S. American Airlines flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. United Airlines flight 175 crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. United Airlines Flight 93 Crashed into a field outside of Pennsylvania. Lastly American Airlines Flight 77 Crashed into The Pentagon In Washington D.C. There were two American Airliners, and two United Airlines flights. There were 19 hijackers. American Airlines Flight 11 had 5 hijackers.United Airlines Flight 175 had 5 hijackers. American Airlines Flight 77 had 5 hijackers.United Airlines Flight 93 had 4 hijackers.

. Taking Action. 9/11 was the Most Devastating deadly terrorist attack on the United States. The attack was led by the Muslim leader Osama Bin Laden. The President at the time of the attack on the U.S. was George W. Bush. When America took Action the President of U.S. was our Current President Barack Obama, Barack was in his first term when America took action. On May 2nd 2011 U.S. troops kill Osama Bin Laden.

Heroism. There were 3,000 police officers and firefighters, 400 of the 3,000 were killed fighting to save others’ lives. 343 firefighters died, 23 police officers, and 37 other officers at the port authority also 184 people at the pentagon. Not only were police officers and firefighters heroes, but passengers of flight 93 heard of other attacks after they’re plane was hijacked and decided to take actions and save others in potential danger. The passengers took action by trying to retake control of the airplane and in the midst of their heroism the plane crashed in a field outside of Shanksville Pennsylvania.

The Death toll, Rescued, and Miracles. On 9/11 nearly 3,000 people were killed, and 10,000 people were treated for injuries. 40,000 of 50,000 workers of the World Trade Center passed through the complex that day. The Victim Age spread is between ages 2-85. 18 people were rescued alive buried under rubble from the World Trade Center(s). There were many different forms of miracles that took place on this horrific day, one well known is the cross shaped steel beams that stood in the debris.

Timeline. 8:46 am- American Airlines Flight 11 hit North Tower of WTC. 9:03 am- United Airlines Flight 175 Crashes into South Tower of WTC 9:37 am- American Airlines Flight 77 strikes the Pentagon in Washington D.C. 9:59 am- South Tower collapses 10:03 am- United Airlines flight 93 crashes in Shanksville PA 10:28 am- North Tower of WTC collapses December 13, 2001: U.S. government releases tape of Osama Bin Laden taking responsibility for attacks. December 18, 2001: Congress allows president to make September 11th as “Patriot Day”

Extra Info. The time between the first and second collapse of the WTC tower was 102 minutes. Even though out of the 2 towers that were hit the south tower was hit 2nd but first to collapse. The South tower collapsed in 10 seconds.

Clean-up. There was 1.8 million tons of wreckage at just the World Trade Center site! That took 9 months to clean-up. Clean-up officially ended May 30, 2002. The total cost of clean-up was $750 million dollars.

Firefighters Saving Lives

Seconds After Plane Hits World Trade Center.

World Trade Center Collapsing

Some Victims of 9/11

American Flag Standing in Debre.

Steal Beam Miracle

Famous Quote from United Airlines Flight93

Prayers for the victims at Shanksville

Pentagon in Washington D.C.

Shanksville, PA Crash Site

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