Sept 15 Early Release

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Sept 15 Early Release

Teacher Websites 1. Keep it updated and current - at least once per week.2. Upload school newsletters and grade level newsletters.3. Link your grade level wiki/personal webpage to your MISD teacher website.


Agenda:1. Teacher websites2. MISD Tech Stars3. Glogster4. Grade level wikis for students5. Uses for grade level wikis6. Individual class wikis7. Uses for individual wikis8. Digital Delights wiki

Grade level wikis - for teachers (team sharing)

Grade level wikis - for students

There are lots of glogster edu tutorials on You Tube. Simply do a search for glogster edu. Remember...this is fun!!

21st Century Educators

Glogster edu tutorial

Showcase student work

Upload lesson plans

upload SMART Board files

Create glogsters for students to use for research projects, station work, etc. Click here for more ideas.

teach at Press Elementary!!



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