Seperating Sand and Salt

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Seperating Sand and Salt

1) Weigh piece of paper and record in grams, then zero balance 2) Pour sand and salt into beaker with weight of beaker pre recorded and write down resulting mass3)Pour salt and sand into filter screen4) Weigh dried sand in grams and record5) Wash salt out of filter into evaporating dish under it6)Take salt water and boil over bunson burner7) Weigh dried salt, then wash out evaporating dish and weigh dish without the salt and subtract them8) Record salt weight in grams

Seperating Sand and Salt

1)One thing that would have caused you to be less than 100% on the mass of your sand could have meant you may have lost some when transfering from the funnel to paper to weigh2)Another thing that could have resulted in your sand being less than 100% was if you also left some in the funnel paper and didn't completly clean it out

Sand Accuracy


Salt Accuarcy

1) Most likely of the two, you may or may not have lost a majority of your salt during the process of boiling it with a bunson burner if you were not patient and careful2) Another possible way to lose salt is when we had it in the form of salt water you could have possibly spilled some of that.

Mass greater than 100% and improvement

1)One of the few things possible that could have made your mass greater than 100% were that you may have made a mathematical error when you calcuted the masses or percentages2) A few improvements could have been that we were more patient with the boiling process and not losing as much salt and we could have possibly put something under the bunson burner to catch the salt to recollect when lost

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