Separation of Mixtures

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Separation of Mixtures

Separation of Mixtures

The purpose



Our Materials


How did we separate them?

Conservation of Mass

The Law of Conservation of Mass states that no mass shall be created nor destroyed. This applies to this lab, but our before and after masses do not line up due to some exterimental errors such as spilling sand and salt water while separating the substances. We lost some mass becayse we do not perform this experiment in a closed system, but our final result showed an increase in mass because there was some water left in the salt.

The Purpose of this lab was to separate a testtube of three mixed substances; sand, salt, and iron. In the end, the substances must be in three pure piles

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What happened & Why?

by Emma Levine, Cat Cusma and Brooke CohenPeriod 4 IPS

1. Mass the original mixture.2. Wrap a magnet in plastic wrap and move it through the mixture collecting the iron.3. Remove the iron from the magnet by unwraping the plastic,4. Mix the remaining salt and sand in water, evaporating the salt.5. Using the funnel, put a piece of filter paper in it and pour the salt/sand water into it, separating the sand and slaty water.6.Put the wet sand aside and let it dry.7. Put the salt water into a evaporating dish and let it heat up over the microburner.8. Once all the water is evaporated, collect the salt out of the dish.9. Record the after mass of the separated substances, and find the change in mass. (A-B=C)10. Clean up your lab station.

-substance -mircoburner-goggles -evaporation dish-aprons -scoopula-magnet -testtube-plastic wrap -electronic balance-water -beaker-funnel -paper towels-filter paper



In conclusion, the purpose of this lab was to separte a test tube full of three substaces; sand, salt, and iron. To separate the iron, we used a magnet since iron is magnetic. Also, to separate the salt we mixed it and the sand in water. We then evaporated the water out of the salt. The sand was separated because it isn't magnetic or water soluable. Our separation was successful because we separated all three substances. In the end, all three substances were pure. From performing this lab, we concluded how to separate a mixture. Although in the end our substances were separated, our mass changed due to many experimental errors such as having a little water left in the sand and salt. Overall, this lab would not have been possible without characteristic properties which differentiate substances from other substances and allow them to be idientified and in this labs case, separated.

DataBefore- 17.41 g After- 18.71g -iron 3.42g-sand 0.86g-salt 14.43gChange-1.3g


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