Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children

by Lianna0923
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Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) in Children

Childhood Anxiety Disorders

By: Lianna Mikesina

Who experiences SAD?

What are the symptoms?

separation distressavoidance of being alonenightmares about separationcling to caregiverrefuse to go to schoolcomplain of phyiscal sicknesshomesicknessexcessive anxiety when separated from parents

Separation anxiety may first be seen in children between 18 months and 3 years old.

Tips for Parents of Childrenwith SAD

I'm a parent andI think my child is experiencing Separation Anxiety Disorder....

What is it?

Separation Anxiety: An Overview (Symptoms through treatment)

Parent Training

Parent-Child InteractionTherapy

Art Therapy

Links for professionals...

Treatment / Interventions

SAD in children of divorced parents

Differential Reinforcement

What causes SAD?

Researchers are unsure but...appears to be a genetic component.(if the child's parent(s) had it - they are more likely to have it)Stress, trauma, or changes in the environment may contribute to the development of SAD.

Play Therapy

DSM-IV Online Assessment Measures

What's normal and what's not?

However, separation anxietythat is seen at a later age is considered a disorder because itis outside of normal development.

DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria

How common is it?



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