Sense perception

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Sense perception

Sense perception helps in cooking because it provides with the information to fully describe what is placed in front of us, and what are the ways we can approach to cooking the desired dish. When I was preparing pasta with dry tomatoes and bufala cheese, I needed my sense of SMELL, TOUCH, and VISUAL skills to determine the state of the ingredients and whether or not this dish could proceed (if the ingredients were clean and fresh). Not only this, but it also helped me to continue with all the processes of the cooking. If I don't notice the changes made during the procedure, it's going to be practically impossible for me to finish the dish.

To what extent can sense perception connect to cooking?

Sense perception can also hinder the way we cook in a variety of ways. When there is a recipe that needs to be cooked, and the recipe is different form the culture of origin, there is an event called "cultural clash". This can be sometimes interpeted as a negative impact because the recipe that is being prepared comes from a cook that has no connection to the culture of origin of that recipe. That means that the taste that is being created will be very different to what it was expected. Due to the differenation between cultures (and the fact that cultures are innate), the recipe has been altered based on the culture's aspects or characteristics.



Sense perception can also enable the creation of new recipes. As I've mentioned before, the idea of texture, smell, and visual skills could also help in finding new ways to assemble the food. There are new flavors that can be created by the simple combination of different ingredients, along with creating a certain type of mood for the recipe. Different factors can come into play when preparing for the recipe, but another point to focus on (under sense perception) is the subjectivity of experiences and preferences. For example, instead of using angel hair pasta for the dry tomato and bufala cheese pasta, I can use stuffed raviolis with bufala cheese in it. I would still have the dry tomatoes, but I could turn this into a more dense and viscuous type of sauce for the pasta. I feel that This example provides a demonstration of how previous experiences can affect the way a recipe will be assembled. In past experiences, I fel that the stuffed ravioli had a great combination with bufala cheeese, and this can create a better recipe than the one planned.


Original Spaghetti with Dry Tomato, Bufala Cheese w, and Lemon sauce with basil recipe (made by me)


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