Sense of Touch

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Human Anatomy

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Sense of Touch

The Five SensesBy: Megan Parton

Sense of Touch

-The Sense of Touch is spread through the whole body.-Nerve endings in the skin and in other parts of the body, send information to the brain.-There are 4 types of touch sensesations that can be idenitifed: cold, heat, contact and pain.


-Your sense of touch, unlike your other senses, is not restricted to any particular part of your body.-The sense of touch orignates at the bottom-most layer of your skin called the dermis. -Your dermis has millions of tiny nerve endings which relay information about the objects, textures and temperatures that come into contact with your body.

-It relays this information to your brain in the form of small electrical impulses sent to the spinal cord that tells you whether something is rough, smooth or sticky. -Certain parts of your body like the fingertips, lips and face have more nerve endings than the rest of the body which is why they are most sensitive to touch.


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