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Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility

Book By Jane Austen

Jane Austen

Jane Austen was born on December 16th 1775 in Hampshire England. As early as 1787, she began to write poems, plays, and stories for her family. She became an English novelist, mostly writing books on romantic fiction. Her first novel was published in 1811 called Sense and Sensibility. Despite her having written these books so long ago she still remains as ever before. Many of her novels have been made into wonderful films.

Mood- Romantic

Colonel BrandonElinor DashwoodMargaret DashwoodMrs. FerrarsEdward FerrarsJohn Willoughby

Literary DevicesCharacterization: "That is what I like; that is what a young man ought to be. Whatever be his pursuits, his eagerness in them should know no moderation, and leave him no sence of fatigue." (page 38)Irony: "The more I know of the world the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can realy love. I require so much!" (page 15)Foreshadowing; "There is something amiable in the prejudices of a young mind, that one is sorry to see them give away to the reception of more general opinions." (page 47)Conflict: "He is such a charming man, that it is quite a pity he should be so grave and so dull." (page 96)Theme: "She said little, but every sentence aimed at cheerfulness: and though a sigh sometimes escaped her, it never passed away without the atonement of a smile." (page 281)

Summary Sence and Sensibility portrays the life of two sisters that have different characters and understandings to the meanings of their lives. These two young girls experience love, betrayal, romance, and startling secrets. As they experience many new things about life they learn that true love requires a balance of reason and emotion.

Mood- RomanticThe two sisters deal with romance that reveals unexpected twists in their lives. They only achieve happyness when learning from one another. Having made a creaition of balance between reason and passion.

SettingSouthwest England in Norland Park between 1792 and 1797

Little Women By Louisa May Alcot

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

EmmaBy Jane Austen

Great ExpectationsBy Charles Dickens

Pride and PrejudiceBy Jane Austen

ThemesClass, Reputaition, Love, Wit

Sense and SensibilityElinorSensible, responsible, reserved, loyalSister of MarianneLover of family, friends, Edward FerrarsWho feels caring, strong, and passionateWho needs people’s care, understanding, patienceWho gives love, care, and truthWho fears others bad opinions, regrets, and carelessnessWho would like to see her sister happyResident of Norland Park, in the center of the propertyDashwood

Austen, J. (1811). Sense and sensibility. New York 112 Fifth Avenue: Barnes and Noble Books.

"Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with eachother, and seven days are more than enough for others." (page 49)Here Marianne tryes to persuade her sister that she is taking her love seriously. Telling her that not all people are the same in falling in love."At my time of life opinions are tolerably fixed. It is not likely that I should now see or hear anything to change them." (page 77)Elinor explains to Edward that she is not like Marianne. She seems to know what she wants and how she will achieve them."Elinor agreed to it all, for she did not think he deserved the compliment of rational opposition." (page 206)She did not understand Miss. Elliots actions in making a ball at their small cottedge. She also misunderstood Mr. Dartford. "There was a kind of cold-hearted selfishness on both sides that mutually attracted them. (page 188) They both needed someone to understand them ad somehow they puth themselves in the others shoes and understood their needs. Lady Middletton and Mrs. Dashwood understood eachother very well. "He is such a charming man, that is quite a pity he should be so grave and dull." (page 96)Mrs. Palmer did not inform Elinor in the things she wanted to know about Mr. Willoughby. In Palmers point of view he was pleasing but yet a darck and mysterious man.

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