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Social Studies

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Facts About SenegalCapital: DakarPopulation: 13,635,927 Area : 75,955 GDP : $2,100

3 Major CitiesDakar - 2,476,400G. Dakar - 2,352,057Pikine - 874,062


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Senegal's flag

OtherFacts About SenegalAdult Literacy: 62% (male); 39% (female)Infant Mortality: 53 per 1,000 birthsLife Expectancy: 63 (male); 66 (female)Currency: CFA franc

The language of Senegal is French

. A large majority (92%) of the Senegalese population is Muslim.Christians represent 2%.

One current event that is happening in Senegal is Ebola. Eventhough the disease started in Seirra Leone, Senegal has still been affected by it.

The Country of Senegal

Senegal has, Fish, peanuts, phosphate, iron ore, gold, titanium as Natural Resources

Resources (

This is Senegla's Natural Pink Lake

This is Saly Beach, La Petite Cote

This is Hann Park in Senegale


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