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Social Studies

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Senegal is in North/West Africa, and is known for its exploitation of mineral resources such as gold, petroleum, and natural gas.


Dakar is the capitol

The Republic of Senegal

Southern Senegal is having transnational issues with Gambia and Guinnea Bussiiau who are smuggling illegal weapons into the country and are guilty of cross border raids

94% Muslim5% Christian1% indigenous beliefs

Major cities in SenegalDakar(2,476,400)Pikine(874,062)Touba(529,176)

Overall population:13,635,927

The Republic Of Senegal is a democracy! It's a lot like our government. They have a voting democracy, with different branches of power. Actually, they have our identical branches, and it seems as though they also have our blueprint for the White House.

Presidential Palace

Original photography by my brother when he went to Senegal for Marine training

Life expectancy: Male- 63 Female- 66

62% of men are literate and only 39% of women are literate

In Senegal they have the ceremony "Simbe" which means "false lion" where individuals dress up in lion costumes to chase and capture those who did not purchase a ticket to the event


Passing of the kola nut, a mild caffienated stimulant, symbolizes friendship.

Rural extended families often live together in compounds with separate dwellings for each family.

GNI per Capita: $2,100

Senegal is a transshipment point for Southwest and Southeast Asian heroin, and South American cocaine moving to Europe and North America!!

Senegal uses the Franc


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