Senator Bob Casey Jr.

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Senator Bob Casey Jr.

SenatorBob Casey Jr.

Political ExperienceIn 1996 Senator Bob Casey Jr. ran for and was elected as Pennsylvania State Auditor General. He was re-elected and served from 1997 to 2005. He tried to run for Pennsylvania Governer in 2002. His opponent was Ed Rendell who was a Philadelphia mayor. Ed Rendell ended up winning the election with only 10 out of 67 counties standing behind him. Following, in 2004, Bob Casey Jr. was elected Pennsylvania State Treasure.

Early LifeSentator Bob Casey was born and brought up in Scranton, Pennsylvania with his eight other siblings. He graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 1982. He recieved his law degree from a Catholic college in 1988 and he practiced law in Scranton for five years. He got married to his current wife Therese in 1985. They have four daughters together. Senator Bob Casey Jr. took after his father who was an American Politician in Pennsylvania. His father was a part of the Democratic Party. He served as the 42nd governer. Robert Casey Sr. passed away on May 30, 2000.

Stance On...-- Campus Safety (For) - Senator Casey issued the "Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (the Campus SaVE Act, S. 128)." This ensures safety to all students on university and college grounds, and that the authorities of the campus must instill this safety. This act that Casey introduced protects students from stalking, dating violence, and assult. -- Plan B Contraceptive (For) - Senator Casey participated in a Q & A with his past opponent Rick Santorum. They disscussed if Plan B was considered abortion or just contraceptive. When the interviewer asked if they were in favor Casey responded, "Yes, I’m in favor. I think what emergency contraception is contraception." Later, he was asked if he believed life began at conception which he replied, "I do." Following he stated, "The science is clear on this. It is contraception, and I support it. I think we’ve got to make it widely available, and I think that’s one of the ways we reach common ground on the very tough issue of abortion: emergency contraception can reduce the number of abortions and unwanted pregnancies. That’s what we should emphasize." On the other hand, Santorum was against the contraceptive saying that it could be considered abortion.

Political Status-- Democratic-- In Office 2007 - Present-- Member of Finance Committee-- Nationally recognized advocate for children-- Member of the National Security Working Group-- Former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee overseeing the Middle East-- Advocate for SNAP and other programs for nutrition in children-- 8 years as Pennsylvania Auditor General-- 2 years as State Treasurer

Election TimeBob Casey Jr. was approached from two former U.S Senators asking him to run for Senator. His oponent would be Rick Santorm. During the election, it was claimed that Casey's views on certain issues were too traditional. Casey won the election with 59% of the vote while Rick Santorum only maintained 41% of the votes. Casey was runnig for re-election in 2012 and effortlessly won against Joseph Vodvarka in the spring. In the fall, he also beat Tom Smith.

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