Sempo Chiune Sugihara

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Sempo Chiune Sugihara

Sempo Chiune Sugihara

1.Predict what would happen if the Japanese government found out Sugihara was issuing visas sooner.

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2. Evaluate the choices Sugihara had to make when he chose to help the Jewish people flee.

Justify Sugihara's reasoning to defying his government by issuing visas.

In 1939 through 1940, Sempo Chiune Sugihara served as a Japanese consul in Lithuania, Germany; more specifically Kaunas, Lithuania. Sugihara helped more that 6,000 Jews escape termination by defying his superiors and signing off visas for the Jews. He "..was to monitor the maneuvers of the German Army." (internet), meaing he was only there to spy on the Germans for any future attacks the may do on their neighboring country, the Soviet Union. Sugihara began to issue out visas to Jews without permission from his ministry. When he proposed to the ministry to hand out visas to Jews, they denied his request. He continued to distribute visas anyway. "...he knew that if he defied the orders of his superiors, he might be fined and disgraced... This would result in extreme financial hardship for his family in the future." (internet) The decision he made, to continue to distribute visas was a risky choice that endangered himself and his family. Sempo Chiune Sugihara made many stressful and risky choices, even skipping meals, to save people with his visas due to and thanks to, his humanity.

Sempo didn't let the Japanese government's rejections affect him in the least bit. If the Japanese government found out he was issuing visas sooner, I don't think much would've changed. Even when they found out, they didn't do much to try to stop sugihara. However, Sugihara might have felt pressure after being ordered to stop, so he'd have worked even faster. He didn't see the Japanese goverenment as a threat, so when they warned him, he defied them. After being rejected for getting permission to issue visas, he stated, "On the tenth of August, I finally decided that it was completely useless to continue the discussions with Tokyo." (Page 89) This statement confirms that he will stop asking for permisson and he'll just continue to issue visas on his own.

Sempo Sugihara's reasoning to defy his government was to make his conscience content. I think Sugihara felt as if he needed to save the Jews for his own sake. "Sugihara reported that the Soviets were treating people harshly, especially Jews."(pg.85) This statement from the text shows his compassion towards people. Perhaps he thought back to his own children and thought how it'd be for them to be taken away. Due to his acts of defiance, Japan asked him to leave. "When he returned to Japan in 1947, he was asked to leave Foreign Service because of his act of defiance in 1940." (encyclopedia pg.427) However, when he left, he left after saving more than 6,000 lives.

Catherine C.Ms. Hill; Period 1P.1

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