Semana Santa

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Semana Santa

Fast Facts - Semana Santa is Holy Week, the week before Easter. - In many countries, including Spain, it is celebrated by parading church statues, pasos, through the streets on the backs of many men.- The pasos are taken from their home church, through the Cathedral, and back to their home church.- This can take several hours, or all day and night!

La Macarena

The pasos can weigh up to five tons!

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Brass bands accompany the pasos through the streets.

Groups of costaleros practice in the plazas for weeks ahead of time so they will be ready for la Semana Santa. They wear pads on their necks to help with the discomfort of carrying the heavy pasos for so long. They also switch out with other costaleros so everyone has breaks.

Semana Santa,Sevilla, España

Costaleros on a Break

You can see that there are men walking underneath the paso by the way it sways from side to side.Notice how crowded with people the streets are.


Los Nazarenos carry very long candles that are lit during the evening and night processions.

In some areas, young boys will carry small pasos through the streets to practice for when they are older.


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