[2014] Colin Quin: Self-Expression and Development

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Social Studies

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[2014] Colin Quin: Self-Expression and Development

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It's All About Character!


Character in two phases: 1.) Subjective phase- the nature of the real, innermost self2.) Social phase- the modes in which this self finds expression

The efficiency of both mind and body is conditioned by the manner in which each carries out its share of the mutual activities.We cannot be passive recipients,must be active participants. We must not only be able to know and feel, but to do.

Have Patience

Things to Remember:-Keep an open mind-Don't take the easy way out-Transistion is never easy

Bigger Picture!Character is not a thing, but a process; it is the succession of our thoughts and acts from hour to hour. It is not something which we can hoard and protect and polish unto a more perfect day, but it is the everyday self in the process of living.

Old ways of teaching:-pupils were to receive education-drink in knowledge-minds stored with facts-gorging the memory with information


Value in Expression


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