Selma to Montgomery March

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Selma to Montgomery March

Selma to Montgomery March

The Selma to Montgomery March was a march for registering black voters in the South. The march was planned to go from Selma to the state capital of Montgomery. MLK wrote in a letter, "There are more [african americans] in jail with me than there are on the voting rolls."

The Marchers/protestors were stopped at a bridge by state troopers. The marchers were given two minutes to turn back around but they did not. Then the troopers overwhelmed the marchers with nightsticks, cattle prods, bullwhips, and tear gas. They were chased back to the church. There were over a hundred injuries. This is known as "Bloody Sunday." The country was horrified by the state troopers' actions.

The Selma to Montgomery March was important to me because it showed resistance and bravery. This was one of the most important times in history because it helped pass the Voting Rights Act. After this march all colored people could vote without restraint.


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