"Selfie" Written By: Brittany Gray

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"Selfie" Written By: Brittany Gray

"Selfie"Written by: Brittany Gray

I know I'm not beautiful but you ain't got to say anything.I love who I am more than something you areSo that is all I need to knowIs that I'm meAnd I think I'm amazing.I'm not skinny, nor am I curvy but that don't matter because thick women are beautiful.I wear makeup because I think I'm too natural butAt least I don't look like a Barbie all the time.I like to look natural other than some girls who freaks out over their nails breaking or if they have eyeliner all over their cheeks.I'm confident and that is all I need.I like to take my selfies far as to creativity(not that way Dirtyminded peoplešŸ˜„)with them.I'm shy with the way I lookBut at least I try my best.Now my personality is shy, unpredictable, scared to talk to people, BlondešŸ˜¹, sometimes scary to other people, and not very confident.I don't smile a lot either but do you wan to have smile wrinkles because I sure don't. And to tell you the truth I just don't like to smile.Because my teeth are disgusting and crooked.

Brittany Gray3rd PeriodDate: 2/16/15



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