Self healing materials

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Self healing materials

The self- healing material is polymer based and can easily heal using metallo-supramolecular light. This polymer based material can be changed to supple liquid. This fills crevasses and gaps from dents and scratches. Under ultraviolet light, after only a minute it can become hard or solid.

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The picture shows how it consists of layers and if an area gets damaged the epoxy coating provides small catalyst particles so the microchannels in the substrate are filled with a healing liquid.

Self- healing materials were actually created 6 years ago. In the beginning they were expensive but over the years have lowered in price. (can't find the actual cost).

“It’s essentially like giving life to a plastic." -Chris Bielawski

It is made up of a general material which is what is needed to build the object.The bubble capsule- the material that keeps the material reactive and doesn't mix with the HA. It is also made of the bubble capsule insides (healing agent) which is a solvent or catalyst. This reacts with GM.



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