[2014] tiffhunt (CHV2Ob): Self Harm

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Social Studies

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[2014] tiffhunt (CHV2Ob): Self Harm

Who is affected by this Social Issue? Everyone is affected by this Social Issue. Whether its Family, Friends, Yourself and Neighbours

What is the Social Issue? "Self-harm (SH) or deliberate self-harm (DSH) includes self-injury (SI) and self-poisoning and is defined as the intentional, direct injuring of body tissue most often done without suicidal intentions."

What can be done to help the cause? First the person has to admit to family and friends, of there self harm issue. Self Harm isnt something you can just stop, it takes time. To help someone suffering through this kinda of issue talk to them let them know that you want to listen to them and hear how they are feeling when they feel ready and able to talk.

Where is it most prevalent?Most of the time when people cut themselves its most noticable on there arm/wrist. But, some people will cut there legs or for a lot of pain there arm pit area.

When did it become a problem?People have been cutting for generations, back then there wasn't alot of help you could get. Now there is Rehabs and/or places you can go to just talk to people about your issue.

"Look at the individual, not the harm. Look at the person beyond the scars. Scars are not important. The person that did them is important."


Why is it such an important social issue?More ' More people are suffering from depression and/or anxiety this is the number 1 cause of self harm. This is such an important issue because people are suffering and not getting help when they should be. If more people admited they had a problem less people would be suffering from this issue.

How can we as global citizens be educated people and make them aware of this issue?Online there is a lot of websites that explain what the cause is and how you can help people suffering from this cause!

How Can I Make A Differance?To make a differance, I could help others who have this cause. People that suffer from cutting and things like that need to have someone they know that they can come talk to you at any time of day ' that you wont judge him/her.


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