Self-Driving Helicopter

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Self-Driving Helicopter

My new spinoff is a self-driving helicopter. I picked it because instead of having to drive the helicopter the helicopter will drive itself to the designated location that was typed into the G.P.S system.

One NASA spinoff is the parachute. It is used to help get a aircraft back to safety.

Another is a collison avoidance system that will allow the helicopter to avoid anything.

The final NASA spinoff is a jet lag prevention which is used to keep the driver awake and diligent during long plane trips

Spinoff Tech. to me means something that NASA had originally made and is now being used for new purposes.

My spinoff works by using a collison avoidance system so the helicopter won't crash into anything and it also uses a parachute.The strenghths are that it can be driven on its own. Its weakness is that if the collison avoidance system becomes haywire then the helicopter won't avoid anything.An improvement would be having it for military and transportation use.

Self-Driving Helicopters


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