[2014] SECTION E: Self-Actualized People

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[2014] SECTION E: Self-Actualized People

Before J.K. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter series, she was struggling as a single mother living off of welfare. As the story goes, Rowling had a four-hour delayed train trip to thank for her wealth. Apparently, while waiting for the train, the idea of a young boy attending wizard school appeared in her head. Now she?s one of the richest celebrities in England (reportedly worth over $1 BILLION).

Caracteristics Of A Self-Actualized person.

Self- Actualized People

J.k Rowling

Born in Barnwell, South Carolina, on May 3, 1933, into extreme poverty, James Brown worked his way to the top of the funk and R&B music earning the moniker "The Godfather of Soul." His unique vocal and musical style influenced many artists. Brown was also known for his turbulent personal life, as well as his social activism, both in his songwriting ("America is My Home," "Black and Proud") and advocating the benefits of education to schoolchildren.

James Brown

The presenter is now enjoying fame and fortune, described as the most influential African American origin had a difficult childhood because of poverty and abuse who lived in his native Kosciusko, Mississippi.Their poverty reached the point of having to be dressed in cloth sacks his father. At age nine he had been sexually abused, at 12 he had already gone through a correction and 14 miscarried after a rape. Their situation was so bad that at thirteen decided to run away from home, but to the 19 years began working as a reporter for a radio station with what started the change.

Common aspect between characters:-The 3 Caracters started in a really bad way.-They Also became succesful.-They Do things that were important, (Brown in the music, Rowling in the literature and Winfrey is a really influent person).

Oprah Winfrey

Rowling is a Self - Actualized person cuz now she's someone who take care of people, she is a really humanistic people.

James Brown is a self-actualized person because he improved the way he use to live when we was a little kid, he became a succesful musician and left the style of life that he had.


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