[2014] SECTION D: Self Actualized

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[2014] SECTION D: Self Actualized

She was born of a single mother from rural poverty in Mississippi and was later raised in an inner city of the country, Milwaukee. She described herself as a promiscuous teenage victim of sexual abuse and violation, giving birth at age 14 to a premature child who dies just afterShe was sent to live with calling his father, a barber in Tennessee. There he got to work for a radio, while attending high school and began to cover local news at 19. Spontaneous and emotional commitment you finally got her transferred to the daytime talk show arena and after catapulting one local talk show in Chicago from third to first launched his own production company and became internationally projected.

1 She is realistically oriented because try to see the world in a positive way and try to get ahead.2 She accept herself , other people and the natural world for what they are she accepts herself even though suffered sexual abuse as a child, which did not affect her social life and the way she interact with others despite living in a society full of social stereotypes and discriminatory. 3 Deal spontaneity she is a person who does not let the other people manipulate or do something that others expect of her. Always tries to surprise and make things better4 She is autonomous and independent because is a person who knew how to get ahead with hard work and effort without expecting anything from anyone.5 Highly creative always is trying to innovate or try to do something better for society in ways that benefit everyone. 6Creating new projects and opportunities for people7 Her values and attitude are democratic she is a person with attitudes always trying to make everything fair and that does not harm anyone. Her values as a woman makes them always reinforce.6 Establish deep satisfying interpersonal relationships with a few people because her work always has to do with people who are in hard situations. At that moment it is where it forms links with people, trying to understand and help to get ahead and try to identify with these people.

Oprah Wifrey

Michael JacksonDuring his childhood he lived in a house in his hometown of Gary, Indiana, with his parents and eight children, he grew up in an environment of continuous abuse because the abuse suffered by his father, as confirmed by his brother Tito . This assure that, on several occasions, the singer 'cried a lot because of the shock of his father and tried to hide from him, "and that when he could not, Joe laughed at Michael.Jackson's death given so far, but as an artist began when he found himself alone and empty despite his untimely extraordinary fame and wealth. Years after being a puppet of his father, Pepsi and corporate establishment, Jackson seemed to react and began to report child abuse, his haunted past and indifference in the world.1. Deal of spontaneity because he was a person who always gave their best. Everything he did was with passion because he liked what he was doing. Always he liked to surprise people.2. Independent and autonomous because he made his career from the talent that he had and abilities to develop it. 3. creativity because he was well known for always gave the best . He always tried to create new things that capture the attention of people4.He transcend the environment rather than just coping it because he liked to go beyond his thoughts on was believed able to achieve what he wanted with hard work.

Rosa Parks It was an important figure in African-American Civil Rights Movement, especially for refusing to give up her seat to a white and move to the back of the bus in the southern United States in 1955.The driver called the police and the woman was arrested and forced to pay a fine fourteen dollars. The fact revealed once again the conditions of segregation were subject to the colored people, who were denied access to swimming pools, schools, restaurants and a large number of unique utilities for whites. The couple lived in a time when segregation, or separation of people on racial or religious grounds, still prevailed in most of the southern states. Determined to combat segregation, Rosa Parks in 1949 became adviser of an association to promote the welfare of blacks.She is realistically oriented she has a vision of the world where no one is different because all are equal and have the same rights doesn’t matters the race, religious ,age ,etc. 1. She accept herself , other people and the natural world despite the situation she was able to adapt but stay consistent with the situation but acted and try to do something to improve their lifestyle and are not discriminated. 2. She accepted herself despite discrimination by skin color.3. She is autonomous and independent she tried to do something on its own without the help of anyone and try to change the stereotypes that people had at that time.4. Their appreciation of people and things is fresh rather than because she take the risk even though she knew the consequences that would bring the action she did.5. She identify with humanity because she try to defend a lot of people from discrimination because she was also in the same situation .6. Values and attitudes democratic because she try to have democratic attitudes in that all people have equal rights, opportunities and were treated in the same way.


Sofia Carranza





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