Seleucus I "Nicator"

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Seleucus I "Nicator"

358 BC

The Life of Seleucus

Seleucus I "Nicator"

By Jackson BerryE Period

Seleucus is born in Macedonia

344 BC

Alexander's army conquers

315 BC

Seleucus flees to Egypt

309 BC

281 BC

The Seleucid Empire Starts

Seleucus is assassinated

Quick Facts

Seleucus was born in Europos in Macedonia. His father, Antiochus, was a general in Phillip II's army as it conquered Greece. Seleucus himself was a page of Philip II. He was around the same age as Alexander, and when the time came for Alexander to start his conquests, Seleucis was there to help.

Seleucus started his miliary career under Alexander in his early 20s. Over the years, he increased in rank and eventually led the royal Hypaspistai, or foot companions. He also earned a place on Alexanders personal staff.

After Alexanders death, power shifts in the middle east eventually led to Antigonus Monophthalmus being in charge of the area. Seleucus gave up leading the foot companions and went to become the Satrap of Babylonia, but was forced to flee to Egypt after an arguement with Antigonus. Together with Ptolomey, who occupied Egypt, they fought of Antignos' son in the Battle of Gaza

After the Battle of Gaza, Seleucus took some men from Ptolomey and marched to Babylonia. He recaptured it, and held off several attacks from Antigonus, killing his son, Demitrius, during one of the battles. After Antigonus himself is defeated in 309 BC, the Seleucid Empire is considered to have officially started.

As Seleucus got old, he continued to add new lands to his empire. Ptolomys son Keraunos fled his father because he wouldnt give him his lands when he died. Keraunos ran to Seleucus, who treated him like a son. Seleucus, at the age of 77, decided to invade his old ally Lysimachus in Thrace, promising Keraunos the Thracian throne when they won. After the battle (The 77 year old Seleucus killed the 79 year old Lysimachus in single combat), Seleucus went back on his word and took the city for himself. The enraged Keraunos then killed Seleucus, and he was declared king of Macedon, as there was no claim to it. However, in 279 BC, Keraunos was killed fighting barbarians.

Nicator means "conqueror".Seleucus was the longest lasting of the Diadochi.The Seleucid Empire (as seen on the right) would grow to a size that rivals that of the Persian empire and Alexander's empire.


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