Selective service act

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Selective service act

Selective service act

The Allied Powers desperately needed troops to fight off the central powers the most. The United States had a lot of young men to help out in the military, but only 100,000 volunteered.

Woodrow Wilson, who was the president at the time, decided to use the selective service act to draft 10 million men into the war. There was originally only 100,000 volunteers.

The selective service act was a rule that granted the president of the United States to draft soldiers into the army. It took place on May 18, 1917, when the United States needed young men to join the army in World War I.

Woodrow Wilson

After Germany threatened the United States multiple times, Woodrow Wilson decided to side with the Allied Powers in World War I  to take down Germany for good.

Wilson needed a quick solution to this scarcity of soldiers to help the allied powers, so he pushed us government to make a rule where the president has the power to draft men ages 21-30 into the war. He then signed this rule into a law.

Although american men had to leave their homes and family, a feeling of nationalism (patriotism) swept over them and they were proud to fight for their countries.

Public reactions

Events leading to the act

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Since America won the war and defeated Germany and only loss around 100,000 men, the selective service act wasn't really looked down upon. Most of the American soldiers returned home to their families and the soldiers who died for their country were honored and never forgot.


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