Selection & Isolation

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Selection & Isolation

mode of natural selection in which an extreme phenotype is favored over other phenotypes

Directional Selection

Stabilizing Selection

Disruptive Selection

Temporal Isolation

Geographical Isolation

Behavioral Isolation

type of natural selection in which geneticdiversity decreases and the population mean stabilizes on a particular trait value

changes in population genetics in which extreme values for a trait are favored over intermediate values

important evolutionary mechanism that helps members of the same species identify each other as proper mates

population of organisms that are separated from exchanging genetic material with other organisms of the same species

reproductive isolating mechanism in which members of different species mate at different times of the year/ in different seasons

when nature prefers extreme phenotypes over averages

when nature prefers average phenotypes over extreme ones

when nature prefers one extreme phenotype over the others

behavior that prevent members of different species from mating

when location prevents organisms of similar/same species from mating

when mating times prevent species from mating

Selection & Isolation


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