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Social Studies
African-American History

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SegregationBy:Emily Wunder

*By 1915 all southern states had some form of Jim Crows laws, meaning that the southern states were all segregated.

*Black people couldn’t use the same facilities as white people, they had different schools, restaurants, they also had separate drinking fountains etc.

*Jim Crows laws prevented most blacks from the right to vote, you had to pass a literacy test, which was not required for white people.*If you wanted to vote and you were black there was a fee that wasn't affordable by some blacks unallowing them to vote.

*Conflict and violence were results of Jim Crow laws.

*When a black was speaking to a white they were expected to address them as Mr., Sir, or Ma’am.

*If Blacks didn’t follow Jim Crows laws they would get severely punished, some blacks were lynched.

*Black people were given curfews determining how late they could be seen in public.

*A black man was not able to shake hands with a white man or make eye contact with a white woman without being accused for highly sexual advances.

*Signs enforcing Jim Crows' Laws were put up around the country to let everyone know.


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